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Seven Powerful Tactics to help you write Click-worthy.

Many people want to go about creative contents that will make people interested in their contents. However, many people do not get their tactics right, they fail to do a lot of things or even pay lesser attention to some basic functions. Do not worry, we have made things far easier in this content. If you carefully follow the instructions in this content, one thing is sure, there will be many more viewers of your post. In order to solve all issues, here are seven powerful tactics that will help you write click-worthy articles.

1. Have a good SEO

Many people have little or no knowledge about SEO. SEO is search engine optimization which helps an article to be readily available on the first search page. This is always a function of the keywords, the Meta title used and also the Meta description. A good SEO article will inevitably have many clickers because the article is readily available.

2. Attractive topic

The first impression a topic will create in the mind of the reader is equivalent to the impression the reader will have towards such post and other posts from the same source. Definitely, an attractive topic will provide a good impression about the post and create enough interest in the readers’ minds. A good topic makes an article stand out.

3. The effective use of evergreen content

Evergreen contents are posts that retain their relevance even after many years that they have been released. As the name implies, these posts are evergreen and people will still have the same reasons to click on them even decades after such posts have been released. They are always important because these posts most times teach skills, pass information and give instructions that can be followed. An example of an evergreen content is this post. Another is “How to live long through natural supplements and remedies”.

4. Powerful introduction

How you introduce a content on the long run determines the reader’s disposition towards the post if he will continue reading or quit it. The introduction is as important as the content and should not be treated casually.

5. Do not be cold hearted, make jokes.

Not all jokes make the content lose its efficacy, saying that will be total crap. Jokes are important in articles especially long ones. They do not just pass the message you want to pass in the joke but they lift the mind of the reader and refresh it to read more.

6. Avoid compound or complex words

Use simple sentences. Avoid the use of “and” more than once in a sentence. Compound and complex sentences are not only boring but the essence of the sentence is lost most times in it. Only a patient reader will get the meaning and no one has that energy.

7. Add calls to action

Give people tasks to do. Leave them with a sense of responsibility. It makes them see the content in a more practicable way and how it applies to them. You can make the calls to action the conclusion such that the reader already has the full grasp of the article, he/she only needs to do his/her role by carrying out the calls to action.

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