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Landing Page and Web Design Trends You Should Know for 2019

Any brand analyst or strategist will definitely hammer on the importance of the first impression as it is one thing capable of making or marring a business for life. An entrepreneur has to patiently try alternative in a "mental lab" with the help of professionals before making choices on which images can be seen with the businesses name and which not. The landing page is the first destination of a potential client as soon as they enter the business' URL or click a referral link. No explanation is good enough for a tacky landing page. To make an amazing landing page a good understanding of the current trend is needed. These are some of them.

1. Microinteractions

These are minor graphic reinforcements on the landing page. They include hovering effects and loading animations which keep the visitor involved while the content they seek to see is sourced for. They are not compulsory but help extend the visitor's time on your page. When they are too much however, they become a distraction.

2. Mixture of Vertical and Horizontal Fonts

Mixing of the alignment of fonts on a page can work wonders on the overall outlook of a plain and simple page. This style is not overtly common but when skillfully implemented, it produces wonderful results.

3. Videos

Ideally, these should be put on all landing pages. These videos are of am expository nature giving an insight into what the products and services are about. Research shows that the presence of DIY videos on the landing page improves clicks and so it is expected that more businesses ask for this on their landing pages.

4. Minimalistic Designs

This is ideal if you have a low budget for web design. This designs are simple and effectively manage space. These are gentle of the eyes and since important details are readily viewed on the surface. This eliminates long loading times. The simple designs are pronounced on a plain background. This style only requires the use of a few graphics.

5. Say Hi to Serifs

Many people can testify to the beauty that the "Sans serif" font can bring to document. This font type used to be avoided in the recent past due to its tendency to illegible. It adds an old-fashioned feel, which is classy in itself. It can provide a professional feel. Depending on what you want, you can make the headings or messages take on this amazing font to suit your brand.

6. Hand-drawn Fonts

The liveliness and youthfulness that hand-drawn Fonts can bring to a landing page is sometimes desirable for street style or brands that are in the business of breaking new frontiers. It often creates a unique feel without missing the point. This is becoming a more commonly used font due to the uniqueness it brings to websites.

7. Use of Illustrations

Minimalistic designs might not always be able portray the uniqueness of a brands so some companies have began to seek the help of graphics designers and illustrators to add some colour to their landing pages.

There are many more trends but these are some of the most common which are sure to make a statement.

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