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Four Vital Contents of an Effective Sales Funnel

The current business market is like a jungle. Survival for the fittest applies in online marketing than anywhere else. If you fail to market well, your business will stagnate, and demise will be a matter of when not if. Since new customers sustain businesses, it is crucial to market aggressively - and the first arsenal to get hold of is a sales funnel.

Just as the name denotes, a sales funnel looks like a funnel- at least in the diagram form. At the top is a large crowd of visitors and at the bottom are a few dedicated customers. A sales funnel worth its salt should create and retain a sizeable number of leads so that your business can flourish.

Like any other online tool, there are sales funnels, and then there are sales funnels that deliver. Below are four components of an effective sales funnel.

Awesome Landing Page

The first impression matters a lot in online marketing. The landing page should, therefore, be the most crucial page in your site. The aim here is to attract as many visitors as possible. However, ensure you capture their contacts before they leave.


Next on the line is the front-end. Of course, not all who will land on your first page will be interested in making a purchase or using your services. You, therefore, need to sieve the prospective clients further.

The purpose of the front end is to capture the interest of all potential clients. To retain them, you have to equip them with as much information as possible on the benefits of your product or service. A visitor will be transformed into a prospect by accepting anything from you.

Such tools as below can quickly transform a visitor to a prospect.:

• Subscription to your blog

• Email newsletter

• Registering with social media platforms

If a visitor utilizes any of the above tools, you have permission for contact, and hence you can categorize them as leads.

Back end

A common mistake is to assume that real success if found in the front end. Nothing can be further from the truth than this- unless you have no prospects of growing your business. The success of your business is pegged on the faithfulness of your back end leads. They represent a small percentage of the visitors you started with, but they are your real customers. Clients in the front end will buy an item and disappear, but the few in the back end will keep on coming for more services or goods.

 Another characteristic of back end clients is that they tend to buy high-end products or services. Although they may represent as little as 1% of your site visitors, they are the reason why you make a sales funnel.

Follow up

Lastly, you need to follow up all of your leads. Make a point of contacting them regularly to enquire if they are happy with your services. This way you will always be ahead of your competitors.

If you have realized that your competitors are a step ahead of you, probably you are not doing effective online marketing. A Sales Funnels might be what you are missing to regain your glory.

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