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6 Things You Must Do Daily To Grow Your Business

According to the SBA, 30% of new businesses fail within the first two years of operation, 50% within the first five years and 66% within the first ten years. Most of them fail for one major reason; inconsistency. It has been proven time and over that Time was not built in a day and that for anything to last it will most be built with care and patience. In this article we will be exploring some wise routine activities that will help any business remain on a steady growth.

1. Stay Thinking

Thinking is a weapon that must not be lacking in the armoury of any entrepreneur. It has birthed many creative breakthroughs for businesses in various fields. The entrepreneur must perpetually be thinking up new strategies to improve products or services delivery and marketing. He must be thinking of ways to break into new markets and to be in fair competition or a superior position to his competitors. You must be thinking of ways to create more awareness about and confidence in your brand.

2. Have a Morning Routine

The fear of boredom often discourages people from having routines. However, a group of daily activities directed at improving the business will come in handy. Things like cleaning, taking inventory, checking for and fixing or adjusting meetings for the day. You want to ensure that everything is always in order, so checking supply levels for stationaries and consumables will ensure that you are not caught misrepresenting yourself in the presence of your clients or potential investors.

3. A schedule puts everything in order and in view

You only have 24 hours in a day, no more. What you do with that much time depends on you. However, you want to schedule important items first and put the not-so-important ones later. This is prearrangement of time. A fixed schedule might be difficult to keep up with, flexibility should be incorporated. These schedules should be put on paper, preferably on a conspicuous board so that everyone is aware of what they should be doing and when.

4. Be a Step Ahead

At the end of any working day, you should have the activities for the next day lined up and on paper. At no point should you take the day just as it comes. Activities targeted at goals for the progress of the business while maintaining standards and customer relationships should be properly planned out days ahead.

5. Keep Records and Review them

There should be filing procedures for documents, receipt, etc. If you do not keep records, you might lose hold on the path you are heading. This is an important activity if your goal is to grow a business and not just to keep it at a level. Properly kept records enable you make informed decisions about strategies to use in growing the business.

6. Enjoy what you do

Research shows that people are more productive when they do what they love. As an entrepreneur, do not get too caught up in activities that you forget to enjoy what you do. This is whatakes all the stress worthwhile.

These six tips work for whatever business type, more important however is the consistency in their use.

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