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5 Ways to Create a High-Value Lead Magnet in 30 Minutes or Less

Creating a unique content for lead magnets without going technical is a huge thing but it's also possible. There are simpler and less to non-technical ways to create a unique content for your lead magnets, and we have them available for you.

It's all about converting visitors to subscribers and luring website readers to becoming potential customers and buyers.

We've got lead magnets that are quite unique, don't need codes and programming, and take less time to create.

1. Go all out. 

If you're creating podcasts or filming videos, make sure that you add transcripts to it. Not everyone likes to digest contents by watching a video or listening to a podcast, some others prefer to just read it as a blog post, PDF download or a report. So, create a podcast for those that want to listen to it, film a video, or write a transcript and put a form field or a lead post on it to add their contacts into your database and make them subscribers, this helps you turn your contents into a lead magnet.

2. Give out freebies.

Whatever service you render or products you sell, you need to know that to gain more you have to give out little. Your end goal is to sell your service and products, and there no better way than to give out freebies to draw them in. Giving them a taste ensures that they have a feel of what they are going to get much later. Give out freebies and ensure you add a call to action link to your lead magnet to get them to buy your products or services.

3. Get a resource guide.

This resource guide is a list of all the favorite apps, resources, tools, and websites that you want your clients to have. Make a list of all your tools, resources, apps, and websites and the links, turn it into a PDF document, add a lead form field and watch how it turns into a lead magnet.

4. Give out power slide.

Turn out all your presentations, PowerPoints, keynote presentations, and slide decks into an SMS Text campaign in lead pages and use it to deliver your pitch to your clients. Turn the slides into a lead magnet by making them downloadable on your webpages. Use an Alert Bar to notify your readers of the new lead magnet.

5. Turn your Top FAQs into lead magnets

Pull a list of your top 10 frequently asked questions, find answers for them and turn them into a PDF. Address the objections, answer them and use them to create a lead magnet that has a unique content.

So, how do you get all these to function? Simple, just get the aid of Webvoly. Webvoly helps you set up everything you need without the need of a technical team. It is a wonderful growth sales funnel and helps you create amazing lead magnets in four easy steps.  

• It helps you create a very stunning landing page.

• It helps you in the sale of four vital products; physical products, digital products, membership, and services.

• It helps you build an easy pop-up to engage, promote, and maximize sales.

It helps convert more sales funnels and landing pages to build lead magnets and grow your business. We just have to say that they help you build and grow your business.

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